Thursday, May 23, 2013

Something new...


It seems to me that trying to do the weekly blog update doesn't seem to be happening at the moment. I suppose aiming for every 2 weeks isn't too bad then...right?

Anyways I have something new coming to BB! I've had this little idea floating around for only a short time and I'm surprised I actually went and got my supplies so quickly to make them! I must be egar. 

So hopefully BB will soon be offering Library/Dancing/Shopping/Anything tote bags! The first one I made I actually cut the handles a little too short to fit over a child shoulder but a little too long for child length carry handles. SOOOOO I just had to turn it into a bag for me....what...a...shame. 

Here it is! I just need to go somewhere so I can take it and use it. I dare say it'll be getting a run at the next markets I go to!

Here are two hootie designs. I haven't made the new handles which are longer so these two are staying unfinished for now.

I have a couple of designs for these floating around in my head. Space. Sky. Ballet and some very cute bunting. I think I want to make a purple hootie bag too. 

Some other good news is that I am taking part is Collaborate for a Cause 2013! I did the first one in 2011 and it was quite fun but last year I was a little too busy to be able to put the effort into a piece. Although I am still just as busy I feel like I can make time to make an effort this year. PLUS my partner in crime is Melissa from Chubby Cheeks!! She does the most cute little dresses and harem pants. We are thinking we might actually submit two different lots of items and our charity is going to the ICU at The Alfred. I got to choose my charity this time so I wanted to work for someone elses this time. 

If you've got a bit of time pop on over and read this blog post about the creator of Collaborate for a Cause. CLICK HERE.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


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