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ENDED 500+ Liker Celebration Giveaway!

To celebrate Brees Bowtique reaching the 500 (and 36) liker mark I am having a giveaway of one of my combo clips. It is still in the making so pics will come soon.

To enter simply go to Brees Bowtique on Facebook and click on the "500 Giveaway" tab on the left hand side. From there just follow the instructions and good luck!


You're all invited to Brees Bowtiques First Birthday sale! Not only will I be having some discounted items but there will also be new releases and some OOAK (one of a kind) items up for grabs. Whats a party without party games??? I've been vigorously wrapping a couple of Pass the parcels and set up a guessing game!

Head on over to Brees Bowtiques 1st Birthday Sale and press 'attend' so that you get a reminder on Facebook closer to the date.

Hope to see you all there! I will try my best to make an e-cake big enough for everyone to have a piece!