- Tips and Tricks -

Welcome to my 'Tips & Tricks' page!

I will be continually updating this page with useful information for all of my bowtiquians. Below you will find some of my tips and tricks which you may be able to use for yourself or your little ones.

If you have any questions please email me at breesbowtique@hotmail.com

Tips & Tricks

  • Has your baby got fine or not much hair? You can use a little bit of hair wax, gel, honey or even childsafe glue in your little ones fringe before adding a clip. This gives the clip something to hold onto and your princess can wear pretties in her hair! This works best with the baby snap clips as they are small and light in weight. You may need to gently clean the clip after use.
  • Want to dress up your crochet beanies apart from using clips? Add an elastic headband to give an extra splash of colour. You can attach your clips to the headband OR the beanie OR BOTH! Ha …ha!
  •  Buy interchangeable or crochet headbands if possible as they can be used with many different clips to create a new style for every day of the year!
  • If using items in pony tails or pig tails etc always secure the style with a normal hair elastic before using decorative elastics. This will not only help keep your hair style in place but it will help your BB items to have a longer lifespan.