Friday, March 1, 2013

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Hello hello!

I have finally made up my mind to have a market night on my Facebook page and I have finally made a date. So grab your diary...iPhone...iPad...calendar....whatever you use to 'make a date' and put in it....

I have a little bit of stock made and ready to go but still have a lot more I want to have on offer. Yoyo clips are always a favourite so I am hoping to get quite a few of them made. Might decorate some one of a king beanies too since we're coming into the cooler weather now!

Apart from my post earlier in the week I haven't actually done much crafting this week. Good news is my new little 'table' still clean and tidy! Why? Because I haven't used it! ha!

Anywho, the weather has been terrible here over the last 24hours but I am hoping it calms down for tomorrow morning so I can enjoy the first Cobbity Village Markets for 2013!! Can't wait to see all the stallholders and all of their goodness.


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