Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More treasure!

Ohhh! I have some more good news!!

Along with the cupboard full off stuff from my Nan, she also had a plastic crate with some boxes and stuff in it. So I got to go through that today and this is what I've found....

A tin full of bias binding!! Since I've started to use this I was quite excited!

A tin full with some press studs and hook and eyes. Not sure how often they will get used but you never know!

Then there was this cute but old little tin. It was quite heavy and I opened it up to find it full of pins! Perfect! They will be getting used.

In another box I found a bunch of ribbons and cute lace! Again...this will come in handy. 

A while heap of zippers. Not sure when I'll use them but you can never have too many zippers....or can you?? Hmmm.....

Then there was this old old ooooldddd tin, box looking thing. I couldn't quite work out what it was used for as it had no labels or anything on it. Anyway when I opened it up I found a massive collection of threads!!!!! I think this is probably the best out of the bunch. There was mainly greens, yellows, oranges, browns and blues.

Some of the spools are really old wooden ones, which I love! There are some empty spools as well and I'm not quite sure what I am going to do with them but I'm sure I've seen some DIY tuts on the net somewhere.

 So while I had to find new homes for all of my aquired treasures I thought I would give my room a little bit of a spruce up. I have had this idea in my head for the last couple of weeks and once my boyfriend brought the table top over I was able to finish it! 

In my craft room I basically have my craft desk (which is always a mess) and then my little thrift shop table which has my sewing machine on it. My desk is just a little too high to cut my fabric on and the ironing board isn't hard enough. So I made this little 'table' below! 

It's made from two stacked craft crates and then the spare table top. The best thing is that the table top is depressed in the middle underneath and it fits perfectly into the lid of the crate! It's like it was meant to be.

I put some black fabric over the top just to cover it for now but I am looking at changing that in the future. Excuse the mess around too, I hadn't quite tidied up fully before taking the photo. 


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