Sunday, February 24, 2013

One mans trash is another mans treasure...

The last two days I've been quite busy so today I was looking at sitting down, slowing down and working on some orders. 

Err!! Wrong!!

My nan is having a rearrange around in her part of the house and wanted to be able to use some of her sideboard storage. Part of her sideboard has all old sewing stuff in it, bits and pieces of material, patterns, embellishments etc that she has kept over the years. So I was lucky enough to be given some of this but I also had to sort through it and keep/chuck stuff. 

So lets start with the treasure..... (excuse the bad phone photos)

Here are some drawings that my Nan done. The first photo, bottom left drawing was actually copied from an advert for copact mirrors which was in with the drawings. I'm not sure where all the others originate from. I'm not sure what to do with them. Might see if I can find two frames to put them in??

 Next I found a massive stash of patterns. Majority of these patterns are dresses and clothes, older style but there is some kids patterns as well as one set for bridal veils! Anyone need a veil? lol

This is the newest out of all the patterns. I actually used this for one of my sewing assignments where we had to make a child toy of some sort. I used the ladybug pattern and from what I can recall she had bells in her feet and I think some crinkly stuff in the spots or something?? I wonder where that ladybug is now...hmm?

But anyway I saw the cute little bunny rabbit and thought she might given a go soon :)

Next came going through all the bags which had material, lace, name it and it was in there! I am lucky that a lot of it I am able to use in my designs!

Some lace and some tulle....

Some lace trim which I can use on my tops! Yay!

This is a very pretty floral print which I am going to turn into a bag for a friends daughter for her birthday. These are some of her fav colours.

There is a whole heap of maroon velvet....and I have NO idea what to do with it. I am not overly keen on velvet but I thought I would keep it 'just in case'. 

I have never worked with fur but I got some lovely light pink and purple fur. Maybe I can use it the make the bunny pattern above?

Then here is another pile of mixed fabrics. There is some organza, cotton, denim, calcio...

Then there is this stuff.....I'm not 100% sure what I can use it for but there was almost a whole roll and I thought it might come in handy??

Some big and pretty appliques which I think I'll be putting on headbands. 

Last but not least is this skirt. For some background knowledge...when I was doing dancing when I was younger my Nan used to help out with some of the costumes. This one wasn't for a dance I did but for some older girls. I'm not sure if this was one that was left over or a prototype but it is a little bit tight when I put it on however thought it would be good to keep for a dress up party or something!! I only need to move the button a little bit (or lose some weight) and it'll be a bit more comfy. 

You can even see from this pic that it has the top checked layer then another black layer and then a cute layer of bright tulle with a ruffle. From what I can recall all the girls had different coloured tulle as during the dance they had to hold their skirts up for something....hmmm it was a long time ago!

Hope you all have had a great weekend and kept out of the yukky weather!


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