Friday, March 8, 2013

Has it really been a week??!??

Hello again!!

I seriously cannot believe that another week has gone by. I swear the days are getting shorter. 

Anyway before I get onto what I've been up to today I will fill you in on some little bunny clips that I made earlier in the week. 

I have seen many machine embroidered felt rabbit clips on the net and they are so cute and adorable. Since Easter is so close I wouldn't have time to get any of them so being the type of person I am..I made my own!! These are all hand drawn, hand cut, hand sewn and embroidered! 

Cute, hey?? I even sneaked one in my hair and it looks cute. I took some progress pics of a plain little bunny turning into having some character. 

So on to today...I went to the Stitches and Craft show at Rosehill!!

There is usually a 'craft show' on during Feb/March and for years and years it was the Stitches and Craft. To my knowledge I think it got sold to some new owners and pretty much went downhill from there including trying to change it's name once or twice. So now it is "back" to Stitches and Craft which used to be an AWESOME craft show but I have to it was average. It was about half the size it usually is and there was only a couple of new and exciting products, most of it was the same old same old. And not that I am bagging "same old" because I like knowing that certain stallholders are going to be there if I need something particular but there were a lot missing that hadn't been replaced. 

Although I still did manage to spend a little bit of moolah on some goodies!

I got some cute lace trim that I can use on my clothing range. I got one in a mushroom/dusty pink colour, a cheerful soft yellow and two different designs in good old white.

I managed to pick up some cool fat 1/4's at Patchwork with Gail B (I love their stall!). I am thinking of using the rabbits and chickens specifically for some button hairties. Maybe even some yoyo clips with button centres. The I just ADORE the cat fabric and kinda bought it 'just because' and I don't really intend on cutting it. 

Last but not least....a pattern.

A pattern I fell in love with. 

I walked away from the stallempty handed intially even though I stood there 'ooh'ing and 'ahh'ing over their products. But I ended up going back and buy a pattern. I would have liked to get the kit but it was a tad out of my spendings for the day so I am going to wing it with the pattern. 

Whats the pattern you say? 

It's this cute cute cuuuuteee hot air balloon!!

Ok so maybe the picture doesn't do it justice but they are so damn cute and the stall actually had them made into a mobile which is even more cuteness but I loved the singular balloons as well. 

SO....I am going to attempt one and see how they go and hopefully I can bring something new to BB!

If not...well then I'll just have a whole heap of fabric hot air balloons 'floating' around in my craft room :)

Thats it from me for now!


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