Monday, March 25, 2013

Busy B....

So I have been a little slack and didn't blog when I said I was going to blog..Ooopssie! But I am here blogging now!

Well BB had the market night and it wasn't too bad sales wise. The bunny clips were the most popular especially since it's leading up to Easter. I even have a cute piccie of Miss Grace (3 weeks old) at her first footy match wearing one of her bunnie clips. 

Isn't she just too cute!?!?

Anywho I've had a packed out weekend so I've got started on quite afew orders today as well as re-living my school days and doing some paper mache. Ah dear...I remember I used to LOVE paper mache at school but not so much now. I'm actually attemping to make a hat/beanie/headband stand which I will discuss below in a mini tutorial. 


Mini Tutorial - Part 1
Beanie & Hat Stand

After doing research on the interwebs I have come up with a little tutorial of my own on how to make a beanie/hat/headband stand or display for taking photos or for market stalls. My photos are very basic as I didn't take too many photos along the way but I think my instructions will be pretty simple to follow if you'd like to make one too!

Materials (for Part 1):
-Wooden paper towel holder (you could make your own or find something else similar if you want)
-White paint (I just used acrylic el cheapo paint)
-Styrofoam ball (I used 150mm/15cm)
-Newspaper & Plain white paper torn into pieces of various sizes
-Homemade Paper Mache paste (will discuss this below or you could use watered down PVA)
- Old plastic wine cup, glass cup, egg cup etc

To start with I took my wooden stand and checked it for any rough areas. There was some bits that I thought could be smoother so I took a little piece of sandpaper I had handy and gave it a quick rub.

I then took my paint brush and my white paint and started covering the wooden stand! The above picture I had already given it one light coat. The paint that I had was thin because it was crappy quality but it didn't bother me. I think overall I gave my stand about 3 coats? I let it dry completely between coats as this makes the paint adhere better. 

Next I am onto the styrofoam ball. I could have left it the way that it was but I thought it looked a little too...hmm what's the word...Raw?? Unfinished?? Something along those lines. So I decided to paper mache it. Glorious glorious paper mache. How I was wrong. 

I started by making a paper mache paste from water and flour. I remember doing this as a kid when making assignments for school. Remember doing the typical exploding volcano assignment?? I think instead of mine exploding it actually opened up and had the different layers of a volcano. Anyway....

If you want to make your own paste then just google paper mache cooking paste. I made mine by boiling about 3 cups of water in a saucepan and then adding in a mixture of 3/4cup plain flour and 3/4cup of water. Mine went really lumpy because I 1)forgot to sift the flour beforehand and 2)not boiling enough water to begin with. So I added some more tap water to my mixture as I left the temperature between high and medium. stir...stir...stir...stir until you are happy and have a reasonably smooth consistancy. Now you have to let it cool. I went off and did some sewing in this time. 

So now I have my pot of 'glue', my ball to cover and my torn up pieces of paper. To start with it's best to let afew piece of paper soak on top of the glue mixture so they get nice and sticky. I also have an old plastic wine cup which I balanced my ball ontop of so it was off the table and easy for me to work with. You could use a glass or egg cup etc.

I find it a little hard to explain how to paper mache as I just winged it basically. Although because you do have a solid base you don't really need a lot of paper layers compared to if you are making a figure or Pinata! So I did one layer of newspaper and then did one layer of white printing paper. I know you can still see the newspaper through it a little bit but it looks better once the paper is dry and plus I'll be painting it too.

Unforunately this is where this tutorial ends for now! The ball is still drying in one spot as it wasn't exposed to the sun or any light when I left it outside. Looks like I might need to finish this off tomorrow now!

Stay tuned for part 2! *Edit* Click HERE for Part 2.


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