Friday, February 1, 2013

Who wears short shorts!?!

Hello hello!

I am a weeee bit excited and happy to share this with you guys tonight.

I posted earlier in the week on my FB page that I was considering ditching the typical diaper covers and going with a shorts design. It took me a bit of time searching on Etsy to find a pattern that I was happy with and ticked all my boxes. What were my boxes??

    - A design that suited both boys and girls TICK
    - Something that looked simply enough for me to actually sew TICK
    - A design that included a range of different sizes TICK
    - Affordable! TICK

So yesterday while I was at work and had some spare time I purchased the pattern from Amanda at Tenderfeet Stitches. I LOVE some of her other patterns but think I'll need a bit more practise before attempting them.

I didn't take any progress pics as I was too involved in getting the pattern right! But here is the end result! A cute little pair of shorts which are a size 6-9months.

The front slightly dips down so you can tell the front from back but I was going to add a little ribbon tag at the back just to make this a little easier. So instead I added a little pink bow to the front of the shorts! I think it's meant to be because I felt they went from cute but perfect! Here is the top I made the other week that matches the shorts. 

Something else that excted me today was that I figured out how to take reasonbly decent photos on a really crappy weather day! For those of you not in Sydney we had a pretty big storm come over this afternoon and it felt like 8'o'clock at night. 

Perfect to take pictures...err not quite! So I tried the whole difusing the flash thing with paper and other sorts of white things. But then I grabbed by cardboard with is cover in foil and reflected the flash onto the ceiling! While the pictures didn't come out perfect I have some before and after shots for you to compare. The 'before' was taken on a sunny day in my craft room and the 'after' was taken on a cloudy stormy day in my craft room. Neither have been edited yet. 

 I suppose there is pros and cons with both pictures. The 'before' had better colour in regards to the pink yoyo's however I think the overall picture in the 'after' is better, more vibrant and just a more professional product shot. I was able to edit the after shot to get the pinks more to real life.

Here is the foil piece of cardboard. I orginally used it to bounce light around when taking pictures of my hair accessories but it just got too fiddly so I put it away for safe keeping. Turns out that was a good move! Now I can take photos of my clothing in any kinda of weather! Yay!!

I'll also be uploading the Tooth Fairy templates soon to the blog so that everyone can access them! I tested them on my printer and I think they turn out pretty good considering. I also saw this other cool template somewhere to leave from the Tooth Fairy which has details about the child and a tooth chart to mark which tooth or teeth were lost! I'll have to adapt it!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and that this yukky weather goes away soon. I might just have to get out a jacket soon otherwise!!


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