Friday, January 25, 2013



Just a short blog entry from me this Friday night as 1. I was back to work this week and so buggered 2. Had a killer headache all day and so buggered 3. I need to work on orders but I am so buggered! lol


Here are two little tops that I have been playing around with this week! Got a bit of positive feedback from friends and sidekicks so I think they might be alright :) Something different to come out of BB! 

I do have some other ideas and embellishments that I want to try with singlets and tees but these were the first that I got to. I have seen other tops which look beautiful and I was like..hmmm I can put my twist on that. Turns out they are nothing alike but I think mine are pretty and eye catching while still not being too big or over the top for a bubs to wear. Do you think that too or is it just me??

Before I finish up I have to share this gorgeous pic that Kylie from Daylight Imagery took of her niece before she starts school this year. She is beautiful and I'm so lucky to have a cutie like her wearing my clip!

TTFN xx 
Hope everyone has a great Australia Day long weekend!!

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