Friday, January 18, 2013

Feeling hot hot hot!


Welcome to this weeks post from Brees 'so very hot that I'm sticking to the chair' Bowtique!!

Wow! How hot is it today?!? For those of you who don't live in the Sydney region, today has been a shocker! I think it got up to around 46/47 degrees where I live which is about 115F for all you folk who don't do Celsius. It's offically the hottest day on record for Sydney. Thank Willis Haviland Carrier for inventing the electric air conditioner, otherwise we'd all my hanging wet reeds from our windows like the Ancient Egyptians! Ha!

Anyways I started this week by doing some slight reorganising and tidying up of my craft area. Usually I like to keep it a bit messy as then I know where everything is but it got to the stage where the mess was playing on my mind and I had to do a bit of a clean. You can see that my dollies now have a little home ontop of my desk along with my bunnies and Hooties! The rest has just basically been cleaned and put back away.

All of my containers did have labels on them but they were duct tape and hand written and stressed before mess just plays on my mind. So I printed off some lovely nice and neat ones and they are taped on.

My craft desk is an old computer unit that we had at our old house. I desperately want to paint it white but thats for another day. of the sections has CD racks and I can't for the life of my get them out so instead I have used CD cases as shelving and turned it into a mini storage compartment! Ha! Take that CD rack!

I finally released my Tooth Fairy Pouches!! I think they are so damn cute and I looove the bows on the little girlie teeth. If you want to have a look at the album just click on the pic below and it should take you there. 

I'm also working on some templates of Tooth Fairy letter blanks and a little tooth fairy poem which will be available to download here soon.

These are some new colours in the Tooth Fairy pouches that I have been working on today. Dumb dumb dumb to be doing sewing and ironing in the only room in the house to not get any air con. The ceiling fan just wasn't cutting it for me!

The colours are blue, pink, peach, light blue, mint & light pink! I was able to get the peach, light pink and mint mostly completed so I may get them finished over the weekend!

Another new release for BB this week are the button hairties!! I have been wanting these for ages but other material and supplies came first however I saw them...bought them...played with them...LOOOOVE them! I almost wish I wasn't too old to wear these. I'm sure there is a grown up version I could make??...maybe??

If you want to have a look at the gorgeousness of them all then click on the pic and it should take to the album.

Since it's still pretty hot I think tonight will be a bit of study mixed in with fixing up this blog ..oh and eating ice cream! muhahaha!


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