Sunday, January 13, 2013

Coaster to Coaster....

Here I am blogging for a second time in one week..W.O.W! ha!

I finished off my little coasters the other night when I was having issues with sleeping. I think it would have been around 10pm or something like and I had got the urge to do some sewing so I thought my coasters were simple enough to do while my eye sight wasn't 100%.

I think they turned out pretty good and not really THAT big once I put my cup on them. What do you think?

I am also starting work on an idea I had before Christmas. My tooth keepers/pockets/pouches etc. I have changed the pattern as I found making the lined drawstring bag too difficult with it being so small. So instead I am going to be doing a simple little open top bag that kids can hang on their door handle or a hook or something else of their choice with the tooth pocket still on the front. The bag will be slightly bigger than the r

For the girlie bags I thought I could add a little bow to the tooth which is pictured below...isn't it cute!?! I'm going to be making a purple or maybe lavender one next so this little tooth will be the star of the show on the front!


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