Friday, January 11, 2013

Sew far sew good...

Hey Peeps!

I have been a busy little bee this week working on a multitude of different things! It's safe to say that I have spent most of this week of my holidays at home in my sewing room.

First I'll start it off with one of my new flowers that is being added to BB's range this year. The 'Blossom'. These are totally handmade by moi, apart from the chiffon itself. I cut out each petal (painfully) and then seal the edges of each petal with a candle (can get hot) and then fold and sew each petal to create the pretty little flowers you see below! Each flower consists of 8 petals so you can probably imagine the work that goes into each one. I'll be stopping into the shop I bought the chiffon from in a couple of weeks to expand my colour range...think I might look at peach, buttercup annnndddd turquoise??

Here is a piccie of one of the large blossoms on a skinny headband.!! I've also made the blue flower above into a pretty little headband too :)

These are two bubba elastic headbands that I have made for a friend. The white is a medium blossom and the pink/purple are two small blossoms put together. I usually stick with odd numbers but three small blossoms was just too much for this newborns headband.

Too cute!

I can hear you all yelling at me now..."WE'VE ONLY JUST GOT OVER CHRISTMAS'! I know I know! Easter is a little far ahead to be thinking but I saw something like these the other night and just HAD to make them. Since my twinny niece and nephew are lactose intolerant (which I forgot at Christmas time, D'oh!) I thought that these bean bag bunnies could be a good alternative for them to play with at Easter...or anyday!

This is my little bunny below. Now I didn't double stitch my bunny and after chucking him around and squishing him (because I love the feel of bean bags) I noticed he started to pop a hole *insert sad face here*. So I have put some fray check on him and will mend his little hole soon so I can start throwing him around again. I also made him a little bean bag carrot but won't be making anymore of those as they are too fiddly!

However the bunnies you see below are for my niece and I have reinforced certain areas of the bunnies with triple stitching and added some fray check to curves to hopefully stop any threads from tearing. Bean bags get a pretty good workout you know!! Plus this pink gingham fabric is slightly better quality than the purple one above. I can't remember where I got the purple from but I won't buy there again!!

Then you pretty much play toss the bunnies!! I thought by making three different sizes they could be worth different points plus they are different weight so you have to change your throwing style. 

You can see my awesome tossing skills below. I got a goal!!...or...basket!!

Actually I lie. I took a bunch of photos and put a couple together that made it look like the bunny was going in. I didn't get it in once. But you try taking photos with one hand as well as throwing in the bunny bean's hard work! Anywho.....

I have a baby shower to go to tomorrow and I picked this cute little hat up ages ago and wanted to dress it up. I was putting flowers etc etc but they all looked too 'OTT' friend isn't having a drag baby. So I went with these yoyos which add a little bit of prettiness to the hat while still not being too overbearing with the bright colours. 

I told ya I wasn't getting ahead of myself with the Easter stuff. Here are some Valentines inspired yoyo clips with COVERED BUTTONS! I am finally using my buttons and I luuuurve them! I have a couple more heart fabrics that I want to use to make a couple more. 

*starts singing "I've got that loving feeling"*

Last but not least here are my unfinished coasters! When I was cleaning up my bedside tables I wanted something a bit more exciting than my now cork/shell type coasters. So I went to the net and did a little research and came up with these!

They could be a little bit too big or bigger than what I originally wanted but either way they will do their job! I have the a lovely cherry (although it said lollipop on the material) pattern with a medium pink plain fabric on the back. I have a layer of flannel in the middle for extra absorbency as well as giving the coasters some 'body'. I just need to top stitch these babies and they'll be ready to roll!!

Hope everyone has been able to escape the stupid heat we're having!! It's meant to be about 40 outside today but I have been chilling inside in a relaxing 23 degrees. Thumbs up for air con!


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