Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sorry I have been away...

It has been so long since I last updated! I have had a lot happening in my personal life as well as my BB life and I just haven't had the motivation to sit down and write a blog post...but here I am!

To start with my boyfriends father passed away just over 2 weeks ago now. It has been very tough through this time and while the funeral was held last Friday and some weight was lifted there is still something...something lingering. So I have only just started to get some sort of mojo back with BB and actually wanting to creat something. During the past 2 weeks I would sit down at my desk and just sit...and sit...and sit. I just couldn't pick up any ribbon or clips or anything.

However this has been coming back over the past couple of days and I getting a lot of items finished and put together for my Market Night!! Market Night I hear you say??...Yes well if you've been following me on Facebook you know I have been planning this for quite some time but things just kept popping up delaying it further. So now I have a date...18th of May at 8pm!! Be there or be square. I plan to have lots of clips as well as beanie/clip sets, bandana bibs, some winter tops and POSSIBLY a Cottonbum. If I can't get a doll made in time I will put a spot up for a custom made cottonbum.

What else?? I have started making a new type of flower which I am rather addicted to and is very easy to make. So win/win on that! I've also got myself a pack of self cover buttons and I've made one...which I am pretty chuffed with. They aren't as easy as they look! I was getting very frustrated with the last step but it finally gave in and I was happy.

OH! BB is almost at 600 likers on Facebook! How awesome is that. I wasn't going to hold my Market Night until I got to the big 6-0-0 but ended up dogging that idea however looks like it might just happen that way afterall. BB is on 599, how much of a tease is that!

Anywho, I am at work at the moment and need to sign off so I hope to update you guys more often (I know you've heard it before) and HAVE A GREAT MOTHER'S DAY!!


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