Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hello out there

Hey Guys!

Just popping in again to update you all on whats been going on.

I've got my Nan's 90th birthday party on Sunday so I have been really busy making and organising things for that. I hope to have some great pics to share with you all after it's all done. Fingers crossed everything works out alright and as I am planning otherwise my quick thinking part of my brain will have to kick into gear! haha

I'm having a massive dilemma trying to work out how to do my hair for the party. I've curled it with the flat iron and with my curling wand and it looks stupid both times so I think I am gonna give up on that idea and just have it straight. I am getting it cut tomorrow so it will look a little neater after that is done. Still tempted to cut it rather short but I just don't have the guts to let it go!! Anywho.....

I've had the Market Night which was reasonably successful. Some of my newer pieces that I thought would sell quite easily didn't sell at all so that was a little disappointing. But we can't always predict the future.

I haven't touched my sewing machine in almost 2 months which is really sad and making my sewjo really sad as well. I can't wait to get this party stuff over and done with and then I can chillax with some sewing and finishing off some tops.

How bad has the weather been?? I don't know what it's like where you are but it's been so cold down here! The mornings are getting really cold which means it's REALLY hard to find motivation to get out of bed. I suppose the fact that I have a job and have to earn money to suppy my crafty habbit has something to do with it.

Anyways thats all from me at the moment! Got a very busy next couple of days.

Hope you all enjoy the long weekend! I know I will be.


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