Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April already....

I can't believe that we are into April already!! This year is just flying by and it'll be Christmas again before we know it.


I have been quite busy lately and I thought I would catch up up on a whole heaps of little things that I have been doing for BB.

First of all..my website! Well it is 99.999999% finished. I am just getting some peeps test stuff out and basically proof my work. I can say that it has come back about 95% perfect with only a small number of things I need to fix or add. Considering it is free then I can't really complain too much. Here is a sneak peek screen shot from the home page....

Next is my craft room. For ages it has needed a clean up and since we had to move the bed from in there into my nans bedroom (she downsized) then I had a lot more room. On the bed was my big pile of collectible barbies so now they are on display on a nice white bookcase! The window is letting in a heap of light now which is nice plus I can open the window!!! It's a lot less stuffy in there now.

For a while I had been checking out making my own clothing labels. I felt that my clothes were missing something and weren't really 'mine'. So at the Craft and Sewing show one of the places was selling freezer paper which is what I need to help feed the material through the printer.

I mixted up these two tutorials as I found the instructions for the DIY Bubble Jet Set didn't work fully so I also soaked my labels in vinegar afterwards as well and that seems to have helped.

Tutorial 1 Tutorial 2

Next I have been making some mini scrunchies! These are so cute and quite relaxing to make. They are fiddly and I still have about half of what I've made to sew up before they are finished. Think I will be holding onto these until my Market Night.

Meet Bloo Bunny!! He is my first 'boy' anything. I put him up for ballot but no-one seemed interested in him at the moment so for the time being he'll be staying with me. I have no problems with that at all! He is rather spunky.

Then tonight I have been mucking around a new design for some flowers. The one below is made from a soft chiffon like material. I can picture these on bobby pins and the bigger ones on alli clips! Think I have just added another 'thing' to the BB list.

So thats pretty much BB caught up! I still haven't made up my mind when my Market Night will be. I have a good stock of clips for it but would like to get a couple of tops and a dolly made as well. Maybe I should aim for June or July!! HA!!

Easter this weekend...yum yum choccie!! Hope everyone has a great long weekend!


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