Friday, February 10, 2012

Noticing the little things...

While working on my latest dolly, Rosie I noticed that the gap at the top of the arms makes a little heart shape! Now you can't say that these dolls aren't made with l.o.v.e. It's taking in the small things that create the bigger picture.

Speaking of she is!! Isn't she just shouting chocolately goodness! She was unsure on what type of hair accessory she wanted so she modelled her clippy bows but I think we might be trying out a headband tomorrow.

I want to keep her for myself but I will be passing her onto a new home when she finds her new adoptive friend.

In other news I am working on a website! Heaven knows that this will take me forever because I am so picky when building websites. I haven't used this type of host before but it seems alright and shouldn't take me too long to learn all the bits and pieces.

TTFN...have a great weekend!!!

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