Thursday, February 2, 2012

Busy Bee...

Does anyone else feel that they are SO busy doing things but never seem to get anything done??

While I have been rather busy as of late I don't feel that I have actually done much...or finished much anyway! Although speaking of 'finishing'...I did finish my second doll but she does have one issue. When sewing her together I actually sewed her back to her front is fine but her back is back to front...or inside out. Whatever you want to call it! I suppose thats what happens when you don't pay attention close enough. So she is another keep for me :)

However I have started on my THIRD dolly and *fingers crossed* she turns out good enough and up to my standards I might just be able to give away....maybe I should say...adopt first dolly from the family! Some things I can tell you about her are:
- She has brown...golden brown hair.
- Light complexion
- Pretty in pink
- And is a ballerina!

I have been working on a design of tutu to suit the little dolls and my first attempt didn't work out so well sooooooo I had to go with the original idea which is more work and more time but in the end looks great!! I have also used netting instead of tulle as it is really soft for little ones but still is stands out enough to look ballerina-ery??

Bought some more fabric for some more designs. Of course I am not happy with what I already have and to go out and buy some more. I am hoping to come out with a dino and maybe a space ship next.

Anyways aprt from BB stuff my personal life has been hectic as and it's only going to get busier. Which is good and bad but thats the way things are!


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