Friday, August 26, 2011

Something in the works.

So back to hair clip related stuff....

I am really excited because I have these 'things' coming from the US that have been designed by myself but a lady over there makes what I want...have I confused you yet? (haha) Ok so I have designed these bow centres and a lady overseas is making them for me. The only thing issssss they are something new that I haven't seen done over here in hair accessories and while I think they are pretty cool and peeps will like them I am scared about them being copied. But like most creative businesses there really is nothing I can do about it because the fuss over copyrighting it would be more hassel than it's worth I think.
Either way I am still excited about these things and I can't wait to get them and show everybody! If they come out as good as I expect then I think I'll be putting in another big order before chrissy with all these designs in my head!

In order news I finally got my shabby roses and I LOVE them! I think I am going to be making myself a couple of these clips just to wear around in spring and summer. (OMG can you believe it's almost Spring here in Aus!) I think I am going to need to send some more clippies up to Kylie so she can take some gorgeous piccies for me.

Oh I've also had time to get out my sewing machine and have a play! I love it so much. I already have a special birthday project planned which I need to work on this Tuesday. Hoping it all goes to plan! I'll take progress pics and post them up once I am done.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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