Friday, August 26, 2011

Doily dying fun! Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of dying a doily with food colouring. Unfortunately I can't say I have good news exactly. It seems using food dye doesn't stay put when thrown in the washing machine. Anywho I will explain more later....
Dying a doily - Part 2

1. Once the doily has dried I rinsed it with cold running water. I let it soak up the water and then rung it out a couple of times. I didn't notice too much food colouring coming out but I did do it in the kitchen sink and it's hard to see.

Place it on some paper towel or tissues to soak up some of the water and dry a little bit.

You can see that mine is starting to look slightly lighter in colour.

2. After the doily had dried I threw it in the washing machine just on a rinse cycle without any detergent or anything. This is how it came out. I don't think it liked the washing machine too much.

I did put it through once more and it has come out slightly lighter again but I'm not sure if the dye will completely come out now or not. I haven't tried it with any suds so I'm concerned that it could wash the dye out completely.

So experiment outcome = fail. I loved the colour it originally came out but looks like I'll have to go get some fabric dye and use them instead!

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