Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sewing Project: Dress up a hand or tea towel.

Well today I got out my sewing machine, laced it up with some pink thread and got myself going on a new project. This one is for my mums birthday. I bought an apron for her cake deco class and I couldn't find a nice tea towel to match so I went out and bought another apron and decided to cut it up and decorate a hand towel with that! So here is my hand towel and my fabric from the apron under it.

I wanted to create a little strip of fabric on either end of the towel, a bit bigger than the little patterned bit. First I cut two pieces from the fabric that was bigger than what I wanted the finished piece. My pieces were around 36cm long and 15cm wide.

Next give the pieces a good iron to get the creases out if there are any. Then I folded each end in around 2cm each and pinned to hold in place. Put this on your towel just to double check the size and if you need to make any changes. Then iron the ends to make nice and neat.

Fold the top and bottom bits to create the desired width of your fabric strip. I had to fold mine down approx 4.5cm on each side so that I was left with a 6cm strip. Pin and iron to hold in place.

Once this is done I then placed my strip on the towel and pinned this is place to help when sewing. I started sewing at the green circle and finished at the yellow circle. It was done in all one go but you can do each side seperately if you prefer to do it that way. Make sure to reinforce all of the start and finishing stitches. I did this on most corners anyway just to make it a bit stronger.

My seam that I used was about 1/4inch (i think). I used the little guide on my foot to make sure I kept it as even as I could.

When doing the side where you have all the towel to contend with I just rolled it up so that my arm sat against it when I sewed and I could slowly feed it through with my arm. It was a bit tricky but the best I could come up with.

Here is one side all finished! Looks pretty good, hey?! Well I am impressed and it's going to match the apron perfectly. I was considering adding some lace to the edge under the fabric but I gave that idea a miss. Don't want to make it too difficult for myself.

I think I might be making some more of these for christmas presents!

Here is a pic of the finished product. Front pic, close up and then pic of the back. Didn't turn out too bad apart from some uneven stitching here and there.

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