Thursday, June 2, 2011

Quick Custom!

This week I have made a nice dent into my orders as well as my stock for BB's 1st birthday sale! Takes a little bit of the pressure off my shoulders, that's for sure!

I had one of my customers contact me during the week and asked if I could squeeze her in and make a matching headband for her lil girl. Of course I wasn't going to say no! 90% of it had come together in my head and I must say that this looks almost the same as how I envisaged it. The dress I had to match is majority pinks however it does have a little bit of pink trim here and there and I wanted to tie this into the headband but didn't have any matching ribbon. I looked across from my craft desk and spotted a little bit of green satin I had and decided to make some cute little leaves which were placed behind the flower, between the two bows. Fingers crossed that it looks beautiful on lil Madi's head!

I also got a parcel in the mail yesterday which was exciting because I had forgotten I had paid for shipping....the perks of having a bad memory! I am a little disappointed with some of the flowers as they are marked or faded :( I am hoping I can get some replacements or something.

I also ended up making a headband to wear to my friends wedding last weekend. I haven't got any good pics of it yet but when I do I will include it in one of my blog pic collages.

TTFN Enjoy your weekend! xox

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