Friday, May 27, 2011

I'll grab a cup of 'time' thanks!

I would consider myself a reasonably busy person. I work part time, studying plus running BB as well as having a life and trying to find time just for myself. The last thing I have got NONE of lately...but thats ok!

I have been busy making some sale stock, so far I have 8 daisy bows with a special embellishment...can you guess?? And slowly I'm getting some yoyo clips made. I think I'll have about 8 of those once I am finished.

I've also been doing my orders. I got two finished this week and I have just finished another tonight. I have another two left, one which is not as easy. The little singed flowers in the top right corner are part of one of the orders and I think they look sooo cute together! I am tempted to make a trio headband.

I have also been slack with updating my stock. I have all new crochet headbands and beanies and haven't even listed them. I also have my lovely new peonies (pictured bottom right) and haven't listed those either!!

This weekend I have two special events on. Saturday I have one of my school girlfriends wedding, which should be a GREAT day. I love getting together with my girls. I did want to make something special to wear in my hair but I am struggling to get creative.

I also have my Nans 89th birthday on Sunday! We're going out with some friends for lunch, one of them shares the same birthday so we thoughts why not kill two birds with one stone.

Please someone send me some more time!! Oh with a shot of energy....actually make that a double!

TTFN. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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