Friday, June 10, 2011

Buzzzzy Bee!

It feels longer than 8 days since I last updated my blog! I have just been run off my feet's good but tiring.

BB's First birthday sale started tonight!! It's going really well, sold around half of the items that I have uploaded which is good. I still have till Tuesday until it closes so hopefully I will have a couple more sold by then!

But now that it is 'over' so to say, I have to start on all of my orders! I think I have around 6 or 7 orders to get through that were booked before the sale began. Should keep me busy for the next two weeks! You can see in my pic above a couple of the sale items. One is a OOAK headband piece that I made and think it looks quite good so I may make them in other colours/combos but keep each one OOAK so that they are unique and special. I have also found some cute flowers which look a lot nicer once I have waved my magic fingers over them.

I've also been lucky enough to have some of my items taken in professional piccies! In the top left corner is Lil Miss A and I absolutely ADORE this picture. It is so cute and so cheeky, very vintage looking. Then on the bottom right is a piccie taken by Kylie at Daylight Imagery at one of her shoots the other day. It is such a beautiful and bright shot! Plus the headband complimented the pettiskirt perfectly! Of course to fit the pic in I had to cut out the pettiskirt but if you wanna look at the whole picture then you can go here CLICK HERE.

So apart from BB news, I have started my placement for my course. I had an awesome first day and pretty much just went with the flow of things. This monday coming is a public holiday so I don't go back for another week and a bit. Ontop of that I have been going to the dentist the last 3 Fridays, plus today and next friday AND now I have to see the Physio on Fridays too. So it looks like Friday will be my medicals day for a while. JOY! As long as they both fix me up then thats all that matters.

Hope everyone has a great long weekend!


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