Thursday, June 23, 2011

Many faces...

Since I haven't really come up with some new products since my sale 2 weeks ago, I thought I would have this blog post about the numerous photos I have been getting of lovely little ladies wearing BB pretties.

I was lucky enough to get a couple of gorgeous piccies from Kylie (Daylight Imagery) from two shoots that she had. One was with the baby model winner and his family. His lil sister Emily is pictured in two of my photos, wearing a yoyo clip in one and a fuchsia rhinestone flower clip in the other. For a bub with such little hair she didn't do too badly! The first photo in the group is of Kylie's niece and isn't she just the perfect little model! I was blown away the photo, it is just so perfect! I love her little bob cut as well....I had one just like it when I was close to her age! haha

The last photo is from one of my most recent customers. I just love the colour combo of turquoise and purple on anything and when I saw this pic I fell inlove! They are rather two simple items but they really do create a stunning combo. Plus it does help to have a lil cutie like Jasmine modelling them.

I am hoping to set up a 'Pro Photos Gallery' tab on the above navigation bar sometime soon where I can showcase some awesome piccies taken by some very talented photographers!

On a personal note I have sinusitis AGAIN so I am on some antibiotics to get rid of that. I've only had one dose and already I feel better (a bit psychological I think). I am very close to finishing off all of my orders that I have had from before my birthday sale which is good because then I can start working on some new things.

Oh I should probably mention that I have joined a Facebook page called Collaborate for a Cause (click here). I am teaming up wih Jacara from Jacsprat Creations and we are hoping to create a beauuutiful quilted wall hanging with will double as a hairclip holder. I don't want to give too much away but from what I have seen from Jac's going to look amazing! I bought some fabrics at the Craft and Quilt show the other day to make some clippies to tie in with some that Jac is using on the wall hanging.

So that is about all from me at the moment.

TTFN xoxo

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