Saturday, July 9, 2011

Baby bows!

It has been over two weeks since I last blogged!! I suppose that is what happens when you're really busy and barely have time to scratch yourself haha I actually have some new products to talk about which is nice!

First of all I have been working on my baby snap range! It hasn't been touched for awhile and was looking pretty sad and sorry for itself. So to share the love around evenly, I have made a couple of new sets (or can be bought individually). Two of these sets are pictured to the left, my two spotty sets. I also have a girls essential baby bow set which has white, purple, hot pink and red colours and then I have a pastel set which...I think....has 7 clips in it. I love the pastel set but then again I love anything pastel and pretty. I have also tested out some two tone bows which are cute but don't really look complete without a cute bub and outfit to match.

For a while I have seen the felt covers you can buy for snap clips and wanted to get them until I found a tutorial the other day that showed you how to make one. It really wasn't rocket science and I probably would have worked it out if I had thought about it a little longer but never mind! In the pic above I have a 'normal' size snap clip with purple felt, contrasting stitching and medium yoyo and then I have a baby snap with black felt, contrasting stitching and small yoyo. I have actually used the purple one as a clip in my collection for my Collaboration for a Cause pieces.

Speaking of Collaboration for a Cause, my stuff is coming along...'ok'. I have been really tired this week after work so I have only done little bits here and there but it's all starting to come together. I am going for a white, purple/lavender, pink and peach theme which I think ties in with Jacaras hair organizer perfectly. Speaking of Jacs is amazing!! I can't show you guys a pic (just yet) but I can tell you that whoever wins it is going to L.O.V.E it! Plus they get a couple of my hair clippies too which go alright :P I have come up with around 10 or 11 different types of my clips which I think will be ok. For some reason I just can't seem to come up with a couple of bigger pieces, so I am going for numerous small clips. Either way it'll still be good.

The last piccie that I haven't spoken about is a headband made especially for one of my beady lady friends. She wanted it to match a dress that she was wearing to a special occasion so we both ended up deciding on wrapping the headband with some black lace material and then adding the purple puffy flower. I am terrible at getting good photos of headbands! I think I need some special headband stand that is clear or white or something and just blends into the background. I normally don't add pics to my posts unless it's a tut or something special but here is a better pic of the headband.

I have also added some more piccies to my photo gallery from the lovely Kylie at Daylight Imagery. I have some more on their way as well. I am getting very very spoilt!

Hope everyones having a great weekend!

TTFN xoxo

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