Saturday, May 14, 2011

YO making me crazy.

Finally...Blogger is back!! Yippee.

Over the last couple of days I have been yoyo-ing my little heart out. I know my picture looks a little different today than usual but that is because I have added in majority of the yoyos which I have made over the last 3 nights. Some of them are for an order but the rest are for my First Birthday Sale which is on the 10th June at 7:30pm...for those who don't know.

This morning I got down to the post office to send off my parcel of goodies to Kylie at Daylight Imagery. I am really excited to be getting these photos done and Kylies niece is just so adorable too. You can see in the top right corner a little box with some clippies in it for Kylies niece as a little thank you from me for being a model. I also put in another pic of my Maxi flower with feathers...again...I just love it so much! I even had to try it on before wrapping it up and sending it off hehe

Apart from that not much else has been happening in my bow world. I am just working on orders and on sale items. i did get my second lots of beanies in which is exciting! I love them so much, just wish I had a little head of my own to be wearing them. But there is pleeeeenty of time for that to happen...I won't be wishing too hard lol

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

TTFN xoxo

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