Friday, May 6, 2011

Lace Bunting: Mini Tut and Personal Project

I do have a little bit of a secret fetish...bunting! I think it is just way too cute and very versatile. There is a lot more bunting going around in the handmade markets these days and they are being used for all sorts of things; bedrooms, engagement parties, weddings, birthdays and business signs!

A while ago I saw some really nice bunting made out of material doilies and I LOVED it! When I was out one day I was looking at the material doilies but it did seem like a lot of work and would take a bit of time...time I don't really have. So next to them I saw these paper doilies and that's when this idea was born! I will take you through a very brief mini tutorial on how I made my paper lace bunting!

What I used:
- Packet of paper doilies ( $1.50 for 20)
- Embroidery thread in colour of your choice
- Glue (I used my good old UHU glue sick)
- Old paper or place mat to glue on

Click for larger image.

I separated around 10 doilies and then folded them all in half. The pattern didn't match up directly when I folded them but it doesn't really matter that much. Next I took my thread and measured approximately 30cm in and tied a tiny knot.

Click for larger image.

I think took one of my folded doilies, put it on my place mat and lined one end of the fold with the tiny knot. I put glue on half making sure to have it all around the edges so that it will stay stuck together. Then I pushed the two sides together nice and firmly, trying to get rid of any creases or bubbles. Because the doilies are made of paper it goes a little bit wavey due to the glue but I think this looks fine.

I measured approximately 7cm from where the doilie ends and made another little knot. This is so I know where to start the next piece without too much hassel and the knots are barely even noticeable in the final product. Keep doing the above steps until you have the desired length or number of doilies you want! I used 7 doilies all up even though I was planning on using 10. Below are some pics I took of my lace bunting in use!

Click for larger image.

Click for larger image.

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I think that this is a very simple, effective and best of all CHEAP project! It would have taken me an hour at the most to complete it and it is easy enough to possibly keep kids entertained for a little longer.

Hope you liked it and I'd love to see any pics if you decide to make one too!

TTFN xoxo

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