Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sewing Machine Alert!

This will be my new baby in August!! I feel kinda lame getting excited over a sewing machine but it is my first machine of my own and who knows what I'll end up getting my little fingers into once I get going.

It will be very interesting to see how I go with my sewing and learning how to use this machine properly. I haven't sewn for at least a year or more when I was getting into making bags...well..'a bag'. While I love some of the bag patterns around it just seemed like too much work and I didn't enjoy it as much as other crafts. Then the time before that it would have been doing textiles at school when I was 14 which is over *cough* 10 years now.

I have been told that it is a great machine and it does over 135 stitches, although I don't think I will be using them all LOL It also does a font so I may be able to personalise some of my things which would be nice!

Oh I also found some black sequins!!! Yipee!! Now I can finally finish my embellished top and also find some time to do it.

Anywho just a quick post from me today.


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