Saturday, March 12, 2011

What a week!

Well what a massive week I have had!! I had work on Tuesday and Wednesday which were both really busy days, lots of people to massage. Then I come home and there sitting on the table is my parcel of beanies! I was so so excited to open them up and take a look. They were better then what I expected which was nice. So I had taken some 'average' pictures of the two sizes and uploaded them onto BB.
I could barely keep up with how quick they were selling! I must say I was very impressed and all of my buyers were very patient with me while I was working out what stock I had left and what I could offer them. So now I have sold almost all of my Infant sized beanies and a couple of the Toddler sized one. But not only that....90% of my buyers have also put in orders for clips to put on their beanies or headbands. AMAZING! So I am going to have a very busy weekend. I am heading over to the boys house today but going to take some stuff with me to do while I am there. A pic of one of the beanies is in my pic on the bottom right corner.

So Thursday we had time to go the Craft Expo at Rosehill Racecourse. Hmmmm I would say it was ALRIGHT....but not as good as it has been when it was at Homebush. I just don't really like the layout of the stalls at Rosehill as it can be easy to miss one or two that are on the ends. Anyway apart from that I got some really nice fabric (top left corner) and actually found somewhere that sold my little resin flowers. It was in a scrapbooking stall which is logical enough but I wasn't expecting to find them! I couldn't find one packet that had all colours I liked so I had to get two (bottom left corner).

Then the craft show was also selling 'craft' related products in their shop and I have been eyeing off the mug for a couple of years now but I never really had use for one....until now. See last year I made the massive mistake of tasting hot chocolate. I'm not a 'hot' drink type of person and didn't think I would like it but I was wrong. My tastebuds responded in a positive manner and I was hooked. So generally through the colder months I will have a hot choc here and there (ok almost every night) and I thought the 'Craft Princess' mug (top right corner) was way too cute to pass up!

So last night the football started back up again. Unforunately my team didn't win but it was such a heart attack game I thought we may have had it there for a second. So today I have woken up a little bit more tired then usual and my throat is kinda hurting me but I'll slowly recover and get used to it every weekend :)

Hope everyone has a good Saturday and Sunday...then back into the slog.

TTFN xoxo

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