Monday, March 7, 2011

Todays Makings

Today was supposed to be a day where I would get ALOT done....well it didn't turn out that way. Although I must say I am reasonably happy with what I have done so far.

I have decided instead of posting pictures as I go in my blog I will just create a little grid with a bunch of photos relating to my post. I'll see how it goes and as long as it isn't too time consuming then I will keep doing it!

So back to today. I bought some really nice ric rac the other day at Cobbity markets and wanted to try it in my korkers. I was tossing up the idea to just cut it straight and pop it in but then I didn't think it would sit properly. I did have an idea in my head that I wanted it to not be as tight as my korker curls but semi curly/straight, sort of like a loose pretty curl in hair. So instead of doing the tight curls on the dowel I just spaced it out a heap and it turned out exactly how I wanted! So that was a positive to take out of today. You can see the outcome of the kooky minikin korker in the bottom left corner of my picture. The ric rac did make it twice as hard to secure but overall I think it looks pretty good! Just wish I had some more colours now *hmph*.

The top left corner has a new headband which I am offering. It's a cute little sequined butterfly with a feather (marabou) puff behind. It's quite amazing how far out those feathers actually go so I think this would suit a baby (perfect for a wedding or christening) right up to an adult!

Lastly I have TRIED twisted bows once again. This time I have tried it using the 3/8 ribbon instead of the wider ribbon. These make cute itty bitty bows. look ok. I think I am very critical of my work and while I was everything perfect, with handmade items that isn't always going to happen. So I am hoping the girls on my bow forum agree and think I am on the right track :) The one in my picture isn't finished, that is just the bow itself. I still need to add a centre piece and and put it on a clip!

One negative from today was that one of my glues has died. This is my third bottle and for some reason once it just gets past 1/2 way it seems to crap itself and I can't work with it. I am going to email peeps who make it and see what they have to say. I really like the glue because I use it for lining my clips and my 'other' glue leaves marks whereas the 'crap' glue doesn't. *Sigh*

TTFN xoxo

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PepperLonely said...

the korker look very pretty. I also like how you put the pictures in a pink frame to match the blog background. :)