Friday, March 4, 2011

Call me Bobby!

Well this week I finally released my new range called "Buttons and Blooms"! It's bascially a mixture of flower cabs, small yoyos and buttons put on bobby pins and paired up in co-ordinating colour combos. I personally love them as my fringe is at that stage where I need a hair cut but too lazy to go and it's just that little bit too long and looks daggy. So I just pin it back with one of these bobbies and it looks great! Here is a little pic I took earlier in the week. Bit hard to see but you get the jist!

I've also been working on a logo for Brees Bowtique. For ages I have been thinking what I could use as a logo apart from just the name. I love the little birdies that are on a lot of handmade logos, a bow would be the logical choice but too predictable....then I thought....CAROUSEL HORSE! I know it really has nothing to do with bows BUT it is girlie and cute and pretty and fits into the bowtique boutique theme. I also added a little bow to the bridle (i think?) on the horse and I think that helps it blend in.

I'm still not 100% sold on the design but it is growing on me each day so I will give it another week or so and if I still like it then I will load it up! Means I'll have to change my blog layout...maybe. Might just add the horsey logo somewhere instead lol

Anyways have another busy weekend. Got Cobbity markets on tomorrow then going to relax with the boyfriend. Sunday going into the city to go to lunch for my brothers birthday so that will probably take majority of the day away. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

TTFN xoxo


Trend Setting Mom said...

I love the logo! I think it is super cute.

Bree Ferguson said...