Sunday, February 27, 2011

I can see!

So I have had my glasses now for a couple of days and I think they are helping! haha I am loving my Roxy pink ones, they are so funky and something different to any other glasses that I've had. Although I haven't tested either of them out yet with my crafting so I don't know how I will go with that.

I am still trying to get used to these ones as they have those little nose pad thingos and I tend to find them a little bit uncomfy. However I couldn't pass up to have glasses with pink lips on the side so I have to make sacrifices somewhere along the line. But they aren't too bad I guess, I am wearing them now and so far so good. I do find these ones to be a little bit heavier then the others so they put a bit more pressure on my nose.

In Brees Bowtique related news I got up to 300 likers on FB so I am having my 300 Giveaway! I decided to have one of my new fab bow headbands as the item which I will be giving away to one lucky bowtiquian (a word I made up for those people who follow Brees Bowtique!) but I will be letting the winner choose the colour they would like the headband to be. I thought that may be a little nicer then forcing someone to take a blue or pink one when the wearer may not like those colours. One thing I have discovered over the weekend though is that my fab bow headbands stand up to doing forward rolls on lounges and floors. One of my little friends who I gave my first FBH to was showing me how she could do forwards rolls while still wearing her headband. lol. The bow needed some reshaping but overall it was good as new! Click on the pic below to be taken to the giveaway page!

Yet again I've had a really busy weekend so nothing much new has been made but I did purchase some cute ribbon which I am hoping to make into some nice clippy bows and twisted bows (if I am game enough). I'm off to the doctors tomorrow morning but the rest of the day is free so fingers crossed I can get some work done!

TTFN xoxo

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