Thursday, February 3, 2011


My laptop is still playing up.

My boyfriend got Dell to come out and replace the motherboard and graphics even though it wasn't under warranty but now it's freezing. The technician guy had to removed a stick a ram cause it was faulty but I would still be able to use my laptop. Well three times it has frozen now, once two night ago and twice tonight which makes me think its either a dodgy MB they have put in or taking that ram out has really screwed something up.


So on the weekend I am going to get another stick of ram to bring it back up to 4gb to see if that helps, if not my lovely man will be onto Dell again to figure what the hell they did to my laptop. To be honest I cannot remember my laptop EVER freezing until now which kinda sucks coz it makes me think they have done something to do it but won't take any responsibility..ergh.

Anywho, it has been way too hot over here recently so I have got ZERO done on my hairclips which suuucks to the max. I am going to go and finish off an order tonight since I'm not as hot as I have been. Last night I woke up once every hour because it was so hot. I'll also be making a hairclip holder for this order but that won't get made tonight as I need an extra pair of hands.

I also have got my paci clips and snap clips over the last couple of weeks so I am super excited to get started on them. I only have 3 ribbons at the moment which I could use and have some more coming from the US in about a month or so. But I will still practice on the ribbons that I have and then give one or two away as test dummies...(no pun intended) see if they withstand kiddies as much as I want them to. I am still in two minds about how to go about making them as well, I guess it's just hit and miss.

Anyway I have been doing work on the desktop but working from my external hard drive which kinda sucks because I always forget to plug it in. So I am a lil slow on uploading photos and jazz to my FB page but never mind. It'll get done eventually.


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