Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Don't let anyone ever tell you that boyfriends, husbands or males are useless! My boyfriend has fixed my laptop! He is such a smarty pants.

So we got the new RAM stick and put it in the spare spot...turned on my laptop....10min later frozen! I was so annoyed that this didn't work and I might have to lay out for a new laptop. BUT to the quick thinking of my boyfriend he took out the old RAM...only left the new one in and voila! It is working A.O.K. I am so so happy that it's back to normal. I can't even notice a speed difference with only one stick compared to two so I might just leave it to one for now.

But that is a little off topic. I have been creating something new-ish over the last two nights. Since the weather has cooled down my creative juices have been flowing. First of all I will apologise for the photos but I am feeling a little off tonight so I couldn't be bothered using my camera and just used my camera phone instead. I know I know, I can hear you saying 'laaaazzzyy'.

This is a a material wrapped headband with a matching Fab Bow. These bows are a tad larger then the ones I have made previously as I think this suits the headband better and sort of balances it out.

Pretty cute huh?

I think these could be great in school colours or just to dress up a weekend outfit! Perfect for the princess who doesn't like elastic headbands (like myself) and prefer to wear this style. Now I just need to go back and buy some more of this material in different colours!!

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