Friday, February 18, 2011

Big Update!

Well since making the polka dot headbands I have wanted to make some out of the pastel solid colour fabric that I have. So this is my colour palette that I have to work with... Light Pink, Lavender, Buttercup, Light Blue and Mint. I was going to add in cream but I thought that might look a little bit plain.

Then this is what I have come up far! I think they look really cute and will be great once they are all finished. I love bright colours but I also love pastel colours, they are so soft and relaxing.

Of course I have to wrap all of the headbands which is quite time consuming and takes a toll on my hands. So I am doing it bit by bit...still have four left to do!

Here are a couple of patterned bows I made the other day. I am really liking the floral purple/pink printed one. I also have a blue/aqua/green floral print the same which I'll need to try! The bottom one is light pink with white spots but it's very pale and hard to tell in the photo. It's left over material from a custom bow holder order last week.

On a side note I got one of my parcels from the US the other day! My fluffy little feather puffs. I can't wait to find something to make with them...I already have a few ideas floating around in my head. I'm not usually a 'red' person but I love the colour of the red feathers.

Here is a close up of one of the purple ones. These were considered mess ups or not big enough for the supplier. I think they are plenty big enough!

Then once I am happy with how much work I have done tonight I am going to be painting my nails! I haven't had them painted since late last year because with work the oil just eats away at the polish so normally I can't be bothered.

So that's just a brief catch up!


Anonymous said...

Hey Bree,
I really love the soft colours u are using, very pretty.

Brees Bowtique said...

Thanks Tracey!

Irene Turner said...

Love the pastels :D

I always wondered if those puffs would make it through customs ok. :D