Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stupid Laptop...

Well the other day (Monday to be exact) my laptop decided that it wanted to start being a pain in the neck and something is up with the graphics card. Now the computer is working fine, loads etc etc but I get these werird lines come up after a minute or two and basically have to restart the computer. The man beast took a look at it last night for me and ran some test thing and it said the graphics was fine SO he thinks it could be dust caught in the laptop which is causing it to overheat. I am realllyy hoping it is just that and giving it a good clean will fix the problem. Fingers crossed.

So now I am on the desktop and I haven't had to use this apart from random printing every now and then and it is so so so odd. I'm not used to the screen being so far away and the keyboard where it is. Funny how you get used to things. When I was younger, my no laptop days I would spend hours on the desktop but now I struggle lol

On a better note I got my paci clips in the mail yesterday but only realised the package was for me today. SO YIPPEE!! That means that I should have my pliers and snaps next week and then waiting on my order of ribbon. I do have 3 7/8 ribbon which I can use to practice in the meantime. I'll need to get myself some road testers to make sure they hold up to the test of kids :P

Apart from that I enjoyed our public holiday yesterday for Australia Day. Didn't really get up to much considering we had been out the night before at a friends and didn't get home till after 3am..Whoops! Good to know that I can still last till that long though, means I'm not as old as I thought tee hee.

Oh! Also I took some pics of my friends daughters wearing some on my hair accessories the other day and they turned out so cute. Considering I was there from about 12pm till 5pm, I only got about 5 good photos which I am using but thats kids for ya! Because it was so hot outside we had to try and work with what we had inside which turned out pretty good. If you want to have a peek at some of the photos you can go to HERE. There are some with the hair accessories and then just some which were too cute not to put up.

I think that is all from me at the moment. I need to adjust to using this desktop for the time being.

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