Saturday, January 15, 2011

Doing my little bit...

Well incase some of you don't know, Queensland has had terrible flooding with 75% of the state delcared a disaster zone. So many people have lost millions of dollars in farms and housing as well as many unreplaceable items such as photos, family heirlooms and pets :(

Since raising financial support for these people and businesses is the main aim all of Australia has banded together and donated lots and lots of money. Along with this many fan pages on Facebook have been holding auctions where businesses donate items to be auctioned and all proceeds will be donated to the QLD Flood Appeal.

So I researched many different pages and was accepted to place an item at the Handmade Kids and Rudy & The Dodo Flood Appeal. Brees Bowtiques item is in Album #4 and about 3 or 4 rows down. I am happy to say that after day one of the auction my item is already up to $35 and the whole appeal is already up to $11,000!!! This is just one little page doing this, image how much money all of these pages put together will bring to the flood victims....and this is just Facebook!

Here is my item which anyone is free to bid on over at HMK & RTD Flood Appeal. The auction finishes Monday 17th January.

Also thought I would pop in this (terrible!) pic of a headband which was a custom request from a customer. The flower looks huge in this pic but I think thats because the lace headband is rather thin lol I'll need to post a better pic once I get one! last note! I am going to be putting other some videos on how I do my singed flowers. I have done part one which is basically tools and how to cut out the petals. Will need to film the actual making of the petals and putting together a flower. Only thing I am NOT talking in the video because I hate my voice so it'll all be little notes posted on the video hehe

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