Saturday, November 6, 2010

Busy day!

Well this morning I was out at Cobbity Markets, without the rain thank god! The outlook wasn't so good but when we got to the school grounds there was no rain in sight, only nasty clouds.

So when I got home I had quite a busy afternoon! Thought I would give you all a visual journey of what I've been doing today.

First I thought I would do some glass as that takes approx an hour to cool down enough to take it out of the kiln. This is a new colour and I love it!

Then I needed to make some lined clips for my orders and also for some christmas presents. Still have a couple more that need doing but this was enough for now.

Of course getting distracted while I went outside to check on my glass I thought I would have a go at white washing a frame I picked up for $2.00 from Lifeline the other day. I think it turned out really good, just the look I was going for!

I got my korker on. Really loving the shiny gold and silver ribbon.

Then I let my mind wander even more and had a play with some left over lace from the other day. While I was having a play I think I may have just created something that'll work awesomely with my YoYos. So keep an eye out for that in the near future.

I won't post up a pic of me posting

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