Friday, November 5, 2010

Just taking a break!

Well I have been hard at work tonight. I have found though that my problem is I can't work on one thing at once. Instead I have....lemme count...about 4 different projects/orders going at once. I'm not sure if that is a productive thing or if it's just slowing me down. I'm just having a little break at the moment so I thought I would blog.

Anywho, I am hoping to have some new pics up over the weekend on my Facebook page and probably on here as well. I still have some clippy bows to finish off tonight and I think I'll make some button poppy pins. Oh, I have also made a few more glass cabs for my bobby pins, I'll put a pic below.

Then here is a pic of some of the colours will I will be turning into little glass cabs! Got a sky blue, lime green, three different oranges and some purpley/bluey colour...maybe periwinkle?

I think I need to search through my glass and get some purple and pinks happening! I can find lots of aqua and blue and green, which is great! But I do need a variety of colour combos.

Off topic: I have another job interview on Monday so I will be prepping for that over the weekend too. I'm a little hesitant because I want the job but don't want it as well, I suppose weigh up the pros and cons (if they offer me the position!)

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