Monday, November 15, 2010

Lots of orders and lots of ideas!

Well I have had a massive influx of orders over the last week so once I got home I was busy creating! However while I was out I did drop into Spotlight to grab a couple of things hehe

I got this little jacket/top thing the other day and it's so cute! It's like a very light denim material with white lace accents. I bought it mainly to go over a white lace dress but could be worn with heaps of stuff!

I love the cute little lace buttons! I should get myself a self-cover button maker and I could make these too!!

I found some cute material at Spotlight that was marked down to $2 p/m but I don't think the guy who served me gave me the discount and I didn't notice until I was back in my car and driving away. Grrr. Never mind, I think it matches the jacket pretty good, maybe a little more 'blue'.

I got this cute little lace trim to see what I could come up with....

Here is the end result! Cute, huh? It's a little lace daisy! They are a tad fiddly to make but they will look so cute as little embellishments.

I also had a little play with my glitter ribbon once I had done enough of my orders. Sparkle Sparkle! This stuff really stinks when I sealed the ends with my wood burner.

Then started wrapping some dowel for my korker orders. Still have a LOT of dowels to wrap, probably around another 11 or so.

I am going on a holiday next week for 7 days and I am trying to get as much done of my orders as possible so that I can post or drop them off not long after I get home. But I am looking forward to my holiday! 6 days and counting.

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