Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy New Financial Year!!

Ok the new financial year isn't exactly that exciting but I can't believe today is the 1st of July!! This year has just flown and no doubt Christmas will be here before we know it!

I was just reading a blog I stumbled across on Pinterest and there was a post about how Instagram has made her lazy regarding her blog posts and I suppose thats true!! I tend to take sneak peek snaps and 'works in progress' pics and put them up on Instagram but leave them off my blog. So while not all of these photos are BB related I thought I would share some of my latest pics from Instagram.

I had come home late one night from my boyfriends and my cat was straight up onto my bed and in for some cuddles. I think she may have been a little bit cold.

Sneak peek at my progress through my Collaboration for a cause.

I pushed my luck with the bobbin and it ran out right near the end of doing an applique. I knew I was pushing the friendship.

This is my newest addition to the toy family. I have always had a lot of stuffed toys and my very first and favourite toy was called 'piggy'. He is shown in the below photo when I was probably around 2 or 3? I left him in one of those rides in the shopping centers and when we went back he was gone. Needless to say that day was quite traumatic and I still get the sads when I think about him.

But since my boyfriend has known about that story he has been determined to find me another 'piggy'. I love his ambition even though I say no toy could replace piggy. Anywho he bought me this giant pig on the weekend and I love him. His name is Kal. We had a little nap on Sunday arvo when we got home from shopping and Kal was a good snuggle buddy.Whenever I am in a second hand shop or markets I always check out the second hand toys for sale because you never know if Piggy might pop up again one day.

Then one night I was busy cutting out clouds for my boys collab piece which I can say is very close to being finished!

Then here is my lovely kitty cat again! This was a picture taken for FMS photo a day and I think the word was Love. My cat is such a poser...

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