Monday, April 15, 2013

Bargain Buys...

Hello Hello!!

So sorry I haven't blogged in a while but I have been pretty busy the last 2 weeks with a whole lot of stuff. Firstly I hope everyone had a great Easter. My weekend didn't turn out the way I had planned to so there was a lot of wasted time but it also meant a lot of relaxing time too, which is nice. 

I do have some exciting news. I could be doing my first market soon!! Why am I so hesitant?? Well...I kinda don't know if I have been accepted yet and the markets are only 2 weekends away. Eek! So I am just thinking in my head that I'll be doing it and have been making some stock as well as researching display techniques. I am still totally undecided on the layout and colours but it'll all come together in the end...hopefully. 

You've all seen the little beanie stand that I've made but since then I've acquired some more display stands!

First of all I was in Sam's Warehouse just browsing the stock. Although I do think I was looking for something specific at the time but I can't remember now. Anyway I saw this little stand on a bottom shelf and there was no price tag or a label on the shelf. So I carried it around the shop looking for whatever it was I was looking for and got the counter and told the girl this didn't have a tag on it. To my luck she said that I can have it for FREE because their brushes come packaged on these and they don't use it.

I couldn't believe my luck! I was tempted to ask her for another one but since it's kinda bulky and can't be folded up I thought I would stick with the one and see how it goes. I plan on using it for hair ties. Exhibit A.

Then the other day I found out Reverse Garbage is still up and running in Sydney. I wanted to go there ages ago but I thought they had closed down. Turns out I was wrong! I had seen on their website that they had mannequins of all sorts and then I spotted the child ones. PERFECT! I could see in the picture that the smallest ones were $ not too bad. I could afford to buy one and use that. 

So we got there yesterday and I spotted a pile of them. Got one down and it looked more of an older toddler size form but thats all I can find so I pretty chuffed with that. Went up to the counter to ask how much they are......

Get this...

$5!!!! I couldn't believe my luck. I was going back to get another one for that price! One my second travels I had another gander through the body bits and pieces and found a smaller form again!! Probably around a size 0 -size 1? The smaller one has been bashed around a bit and needs a clean but I was happy to take it!

You can see the size difference between the two in this pic. I was so happy to find the smaller one as I might be able to use it to display some singlets :) Below is a pic of the larger form with a girls size 2 stretchy shirt and a boys size 4 top.

So thats just a small update of whats going on at BBHQ. I've started on a couple more hot air balloons which I hope to finish soon :)


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