Monday, July 9, 2012

Bows and Booboos

Hey my peeps!

OK so I haven't been updating as often as I would like but I forget to update and then when I DO go to update I really have nothing to update about. However! I do have a couple of little things to share with you guys.

Firstly my owls are doing well! By 'doing well'...I mean look good! I have made two...well three. I have made two for my niece and nephew as well as one for myself and then have another two in the works for my older nephew and my friends little girl. All of their birthdays are within 2 weeks of each other as well as mine in there too so I will be all birthday'ed out. My youngest niece and nephew are twins and their owls are above with their initial on the bum. I thought it might be a nice personal touch. I have also added the initial to the other two I am working on. When I eventually get to selling these cute littls hoots, the personalised initial will be optional and at an extra charge.

I really need to find a reliable felt supplier as I can never count on Spotlight to have what I need. It's always the way that when you need something they don't have it. *sigh* Anyway so thats what I am up to tonight, sourcing felt! (as well as updating my blog).

As I mentioned in my previous post I am now making 'mini bows' which are super cute! One of my customers bought some for her Blythe dolls. Don't know what a Blythe doll is?? Well just Google it! hehe They are rather cute, spunky and got some serious attitude! Here is a pic she sent me of her girls modelling their new accessories. I think they are perfect!

So getting back to my owls. I have made a smaller pattern to make a 'baby' owl which is looking great so far. But the other day I ran into some trouble...not with the owl....just with my own clumsiness. So I was putting some fray stop on the opening where I turn the owls inside out....or is that outside in? Either way...right side out! I do this so that the material doesn't fray as I am working with it and this makes it easier to stuff and sew up in the end. Well I was doing this and forgot to put the lid back on the fray stop and bang....spilled it all over my sewing table and almost all over my bobbins (thank god I didn't). So I took everything off the table including the little table cloth thing which got wet in one corner and put that in the sink to soak. As I was wipping up the liquid it started to go sticky (which it does when it dries) and I did the best I could to clean it all up. obviously happened for a reason because this made me make a little sewing caddy type of thing to hold my scissors and a few bits and pieces. Since I had the table all cleared off I thought it would be the best opportunity before putting it all back on. So here is my little master piece.

I could quite easily make another section to hang down lower or have a wide pocket if I wanted to further down the track. But at the moment it gives my scissors a nice little home and keeps them off my tiny sewing desk. I did the stitching in hot pink to match my 'table cloth' which you can kinda make out in the picture. Ignore the mess in the background =)

Hope everyone has had a good weekend!


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