Monday, June 18, 2012

Mini Bows...

As most of you would know I am not the best at making bows. Ok...lets face it. I can't make bows at all! So I was browsing through the net the other night and came across something that looked really cute and best of all something I could possible try my hand at! So I changed a couple of things and did my own measurements and came up with my 'Mini Bow Clips' which are now available over at BB.
Of course there is nothing better than a beautiful rainbow of colours so I had to make a bow for each colour as well as some extra. Have a couple of shades of pink and of blue in there too. The best thing about these bows is that I had a stash of 35mm alli clips that I had NO idea what I was going to use them on...then 'ping' idea popped into my clips....voila! So these clips are a perfect size for bubs that a sporting luscious locks or even great for tying back those little pesky hairs that always get your toddlers face.

I also have a little bit of play with some other colour combos too. Some cute ribbon I got in not long ago went on my play list! The top bow has some tiny babushka dolls with flowers and the bottom bow is a lovely pink floral design. The middle bow is actually the first one I made and it turned out rather good...or I think so anyway.

On other news I am coming down with a cold which will prob go to a sinus infection which will probably lead to bronchitis...all within a day. For some reason by body takes AGES to get through the initial getting sick stage and then BAM it hits me within a couple of hours. I haven't been sick since Christmas Eve so I've made it about 6months which is pretty impressive for me!


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