Friday, December 16, 2011

Running on empty...

*red fuel light flashes*

Opps...I suppose that means it's time to recharge and re-fuel, huh? I have one week left of work and one week left of BB until I am on a break! I am also pushing myself to get my course finished before Christmas so then I really can relax! The second half of this year has just gone so quickly and has been SO busy in all aspects of life that I am buggered and if I don't slow down soon then I'll so insane.

On a personal note: I had my first cortisone injection a week ago into a facet joint in my neck. It wasn't too bad but wasn't too good either. I was hoping that would be it but when I saw my Neuro on wednesday she wants me to go back and have another one if Feb. Argh! Not something I am looking forward to considering my reaction to this one. Hot flushes, fast heart beat, the shakes and not to mention the pain and discomfort once the anesthetic had worn off! But...I have to do what I am told to do and just go from there.

I had my 500 celebration giveaway and Kailah Cope was the lucky winner! I'll be keeping my eye out for some more of those gorgeous satin mesh flowers to make some more clips.

BB's clothing range is coming along nicely! I am slowly getting better at doing everything and controlling my sewing machine which is always a confidence booster. My neck and shoulders still really ache when I'm sewing so I have to do it in intervals. Bah!

Just wanted to touch base to prove I am still around...somewhere ;)

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