Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another busy week!

So I've had a busy day this week completeing and sending orders. Still waiting on a couple of payments from customers so I can get the rest of these outta here! In the pic on the bottom left corner you'll see some of the singed flowers which I have been making for orders. They are so pretty and will look great on the beanies and headbands! Can't wait to get some piccies from my customers *big smile*

Not only have I been busy making stuff but I've also got a couple of deliveries this week! *squeal* I got my elastic and ribbon which I have been waiting for for agggess! Now I just have to pull my finger out and start making my paci clips! I think that will be my next project and will give me something different to focus on. My new elastic colours are above in the top left pic. I am loving the hot pink colour, it is so so yummy! I'm not a big green or yellow fan but I do really like these ones that I got.

My other delivery was my gerbera daisies! So many hair accessory places sell these and I felt like I was missing out on something so I only got 8 just to test them out and see how they went. Well I got my my far so good....looked closer....hmm afew bent petals....hmm that rhinestone isn't any good....hmm there is a petal missing on that one. I suppose you live and learn! I haven't been turned off the daisies but I know I will have to be more picky about where I get them from. So now I have some daisies without rhinestones because they are yukky or scratched and I won't use them. I can put my little pearl centres on them which do look nice but I should have my rhinestone buttons in about a months time so I think I will wait for them *big smile*

So I have had some ups and some downs this week. Work has been rather busy but I have a late start tomorrow which is nice although I am fully booked from 1pm to 6pm which means I won't finish work until around 6:30-7pm. Think I may go get my hair cut on Friday as a little pick me up before heading off to the footy.

Oh before I leave I better explain the last picture in the bottom right corner. This is a very nice brooch that I got from Pitt Trading @ the Craft Expo a couple of weeks ago and completely forgot about uploading it. I am going to use it on my jackets or to dress up my scarves during the colder months coming up. Best of all it was only $6 and is so soft and delicious! Well I haven't really tasted it but I bet it would be if it were food!

TTFN my little bowtiquians!

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