Saturday, January 14, 2012

Inside BB...

I haven't done this before so I thought I would give you guys just a brief insight into where all the stuff for BB happens. It's not as exciting as some other craft spaces that I have seen but when you're limited with space this is the best that I can do!

This is my old computer desk. This is where everything gets cut, sealed, glued and sewen. This pic actually shows my desk when it's don't want to see it when it's a mess. I also have a little TV on one of the shelves but it's not hooked up to the antenna yet so I haven't used it :)

This is the newest section. I have my little white bookcase that has heaps of my flowers, ribbon, embellishments etc. Down the two bottom shelves are beanies and fabric which you can't see.

This was put up TODAY! It's a curtain rod that I got from Ikea for less than $2! Works perfectly as a little clothes rack so I can hang my little miss and mister range. Each singlet has their own little plastic cover too just for extra protection :)

It's short and sweet but thats the jist of it! I don't have much else to show except for my sewing machine and it's table but then you'll get a shot of all my DVD's as well. It sits infront of my DVD shelves lol I also share the room with a single bed, numerous boxed collectible barbies, my massage table, a bunch of pillows and the washing/washing basket. The single bed will be getting moved out and a sofa bed being put in so there could be a little bit of extra space there. I don't intend on filling it though, it's starting to get a little claustrophobic in there.

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