Monday, August 1, 2011

Kids, Cakes and Clips!

Well I am setting this blog post out a little differently just because I have a couple of things apart from hair stuff today! Exciting, huh?

Well to start off I had my boyfriends niece, Emily 1st birthday coming up so I have been making her some hair accesories! I did a couple of bigger flower clips to go on her new interchangeable headbands. As well as some clippy bows and one of my new shabby lace flower headbands!

This is a better pic of the white shabby lace flower and also a pink one I had made from some different lace. Hoping to get some more lace this weekend at Cobbity markets!

Here is a closer pic of some style of flower that I made as I went along! I wanted to make it like the ones above but the fabric just wouldn't let me so I has to improvise and I think it looks pretty good! The colour combo makes it stand out as well.

Not only is it Emily's first birthday but it is also her twin brother Harrison (duh!) and their bigger brother James turned 4 last Tuesday. So on Sunday there was a big combind birthday party for all three of them PLUS we had the twinnies christening in the morning where my boyfriend and I along with their aunty and her boyfriend were made godparents.

So my mum kindly made some cupcakes for the kids party and Friday night when I couldn't sleep I made these funky little cupcake toppers to decorate the cupcakes! Close up they look a little pixelated but it didn't matter as I think they turned out pretty good anyways. I'm going to be making some more for a friends little girls party who turns 2 on Saturday! I was going to do Abby Cadabby (her name is Abbey) ones but her theme for the party is In the night garden, so I will stick with that!

To finish my post I thought I would share a couple of pics from the day! There is Emily and Harrison in their christening outfits and then James back at the birthday party looking as cheeky as normal.

James and my boyfriend (Scott) LOVE to have wrestling matches and thats what most of their time together consists of. I thought he may have got out of it at the birthday party as James had his friends to play with and Scott was in his good clothes...but nope! He managed to have a small match without getting dirty and keeping James happy :)

He is a pretty awesome Uncle to have.

Hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was very busy and I am paying for it now and I have an even BUSIER one this weekend coming with all of my birthday shenanigans happening since I won't have time on the Monday! *sigh* one more week of being 25 and then it's all downhill!


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