Tuesday, October 26, 2010


No better time then the present to get started! Welcome to my blog for Brees Bowtique. I thought that I would start a blog for me to post up little bits and pieces and not bug everyone on facebook with my status updates so often hehe. I'll probably post about ideas going through my head, pictures of prototypes or items in the making, anything really!

I'll most likely run my giveaways or promotions from my blog as well to begin with since Facebook have some policy against running those sorts of things. Which I think is pretty lame but anyways gotta live by the rules! Eventually I'll have my website up and running and then maybe I can do those sorts of things through there instead? Not too sure at the moment. If the blog thing works fine then I'll just stick to that.

That's all I have to say at the moment since it is 11:20pm and I should be asleep! Remember to be a 'liker' of my Facebook page if you aren't already and also to 'follow' my blog so you can keep up to date on my ramblings.

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